I never blogged before taking my social media course. When I found out I would have to create my own, I was nervous, anxious and excited. Of course, I read a few blogs here and there, but I did not know what to expect once I entered the world of blogging. Before I started writing, I decided to look up tips that could help me become a successful and ethical blogger. This week, I have narrowed the tips down. I am going to share the top three tips I discovered.

  1. CITE- When browsing the web for ideas and inspiration you should always cite your sources. Researchers and writers spend a lot of time working on the content that we all have the pleasure of reading. I always imagine if the shoe were on the other foot. If my work were used and someone claimed it as their own, I would be upset. It does not take long to cite sources, so I make sure I always do.


  1. POST ON TIME- This tip completely slipped my mind until I watched a YouTube video called Blog Etiquette. Posting on time is important if you want your blog to be successful. As a college student, deadlines are crucial. If my weekly blog is not posted it will throw everything else off schedule. After college is over, it is still important to post on time if you have a fan base. Your fans will be looking for you to post consistently. If you post your blogs whenever you feel like it, there is a possibility that you will lose some readers.


  1. BE FRIENDLY IN YOUR COMMUNITY- As a blogger, it is important to be active in the community. Replying to comments shows readers that you care about what they have to say. Addressing negative comments in a polite and mature manner is also beneficial. You can take things a step forward by providing your email or social media contact information. When I see bloggers with additional contact information in their blog, it makes me happy. It shows that these are real people and they want to get to know you outside of the blogging world.


I have been blogging for about two months now and I enjoy it!. Blogging etiquette has helped my writing, improved my knowledge of blogging, and helped me become a more professional writer. If you would like to see more etiquette tips you can visit the links below:

Seven Rules of Proper Blogging Etiquette

Blogging Rules and Etiquette for Success

Until next time!



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